The SPRC offers a variety of membership types including physicians, medical students, trainees, nursing and allied health. Memberships are valid January 1-December 31.

Individuals licensed to practice in the medical, osteopathic, dental or veterinary fields who are engaged in active clinical practice are eligible.

Individuals with graduate degrees whose scholarship relates to Perioperative Medicine and who are not involved in direct delivery of healthcare, and industry representatives are eligible.

Students in any program related to healthcare (MD, osteopathic. physician assistant, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language pathology) or individuals who are in recognized postgraduate or graduate training programs. Specifics regarding training, institution name and training start and end date must be provided.

Nursing and Allied Health
Allied healthcare professionals including but not limited to nursing, physician assistants, occupation and physical therapy and speech and language pathology.

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Member Category
January 1- December 31
Physician $100
Member-at-Large (non-MD, PhD, Industry) $75
Trainee/Fellow/Student (proof of status required) Free
Nursing and Allied Health $50