Distinguished Service Award

The Society for Perioperative Research and Care (SPRC) Distinguished Service Award recognizes an
individual whose work has had a local, national or international impact in Perioperative healthcare

Purpose of the Award:

This award will recognize an individual of significant stature who has made outstanding contributions to
Perioperative Medicine on a local, national and/or international scale over an extended period.

Selection Criteria:

This award targets individuals who have made significant local, national and/or international contributions
to healthcare delivery in Perioperative Medicine. Nominees should have made contributions to
perioperative healthcare delivery that colleagues recognize as outstanding. Nominees will be evaluated
on the following criteria:

1. Impact on perioperative health care delivery at their local, national, and/or international level.
2. Impact as a mentor for individuals building careers in Perioperative Medicine.
3. Substantial facilitation of perioperative research and education.

Nominees should have evidence of significant leadership in the field of Perioperative Medicine and should
have both a local and external reputation for their contributions to perioperative healthcare delivery.
Nominees should be considered ambassadors of Perioperative Medicine and be seen as individuals who
have advanced the field of Perioperative Medicine.

Selection Committee:

The Board of Directors of the Society for Perioperative Research and Care will establish the Selection
Committee on an annual basis.


Nominations may be made by any member of the Society for Perioperative Research and Care.
Nominators will provide a one or two page summary of the nominated candidate, identifying the
accomplishments and career achievements that meet the eligibility criteria and an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

The Society for Perioperative Research and Care and Medicine Selection Committee will review
nominations and may request additional information from selected nominators.

Nomination material should be forwarded to the SPRC Secretariat at [email protected].

Deadline for submissions: November 5, 2021 at noon.

The recipient of this award will receive a prize which will be presented as part of the Society for
Perioperative Research and Care Awards Presentations at Perioperative Care Congress,
Nov. 11-14, 2021.