The Perioperative Care Congress (PCC) is an annual meeting that focuses on all perioperative complications (e.g., myocardial injury, overt and covert stroke, bleeding, infection, sepsis, pain, acute kidney injury, venous thromboembolism, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, delirium), intermediate to long-term outcomes (e.g., chronic incisional pain, cognitive decline, cancer recurrence), and functional outcomes (e.g., activities of daily living).  For all of these outcomes, the PCC aims to inform the following aspects of care:


  • Explain the role of preoperative evaluation;
  • Review how to optimally perform preoperative risk prediction;
  • Identify perioperative complications involving all organ systems;
  • Assess and manage all perioperative complications (intermediate to long-term);
  • Examine research on global perioperative care and outcomes;
  • Debate current controversies in perioperative medicine; and
  • Appraise current perioperative literature and discuss its integration into practice

The PCC aims to bring together all heath care providers (e.g., anesthesiologists, general internists and medicine sub-specialists, nursing, rehabilitation specialists [e.g., physiotherapy], surgeons) involved in perioperative care and intermediate to long-term follow-up of patients after surgery.

Here are a few highlights of past events