Welcome to the Society for Perioperative Research and Care (SPRC), an international society of physicians (anesthesia, hospitalists, medicine, and surgery), other health care practitioners (nursing, physician assistants, occupational and physical therapists), and scientists dedicated to improving the care of patients undergoing surgery. The SPRC was formed in 2019, and I am honoured to serve as its first President.

Advances in surgery and anesthesia have dramatically reduced intra-operative complications, despite the increasing complexity of patients undergoing surgery. The majority of surgical complications occur postoperatively and many occur after the patient has been discharged. The care of patients is divided and at present often delivered in silos with each specialty focusing on its own area. There is a need to bring together all of the relevant stakeholders to establish new models of care, undertake research, and implement evidence-based medicine. The SPRC will endeavour to facilitate this need.

A major part of the mission of the SPRC is to bring together clinicians and scientists involved in perioperative care. The SPRC is linked to the Perioperative Care Congress, a multi-disciplinary congress that will hold its next annual meeting virtually November 11-14, 2021 – be sure to save these dates in your calendar. I encourage you to visit the Society website (www.staging.periopsociety.ca) and welcome your membership to a society whose members are leaders in perioperative research, education, and healthcare delivery.

I am privileged to advocate for the goals of the SPRC and work hand in hand with the Society Board and members to grow the concept of multi-disciplinary, evidence-based, perioperative shared care.


PJ Devereaux, MD, PhD, FRCPC